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The BIG Question........Prices

It's all coming together nicely. We now have Nordman, Noble, and Fraser fir 6ft to 7ft at £44. Really are some beautiful quality trees this year, getting excellent feedback.

All three varieties have excellent needle keeping properties. 

Wooden bases are £2 and green plastic bases, which hold water, recommended, are £4 each.

We also have 8ft to 12ft trees, prices range from £60 to £100. Smaller Nordman fir should be arriving some time today, they will be 4ft to 5ft will post prices soon.

Cost of delivery will range from £5 to £10.

If you have any questions please do'nt hesitate to contact us via phone,text,email,twitter or facebook. 


Posted By: Natale
Wednesday, 30 November 2016